When is a Good Time to get Skin Tightening Treatment?


Are you looking to minimize signs of aging and restore some firmness to your skin? Nonsurgical skin tightening is an attractive option for people who want to turn back the clock and reduce the appearance of sagging. Renuvion technology heats the deeper layers of tissue to stimulate collagen production and restore a youthful look.

So, when is the best time to get skin tightening? Below, board-certified general surgeon Dr. Dax Demaree explains what factors to consider before undergoing this nonsurgical procedure. Call Premier Surgical Arts to learn about Renuvion and why so many people choose us for their cosmetic treatments in Altoona, WI.

What causes loose skin?

Excess skin is usually caused by changes in your skin's natural elasticity, which is due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers over time. Other factors, such as sun exposure, extreme weight loss, and the natural aging process, can also contribute to wrinkles and sagging.

Unfortunately, no amount of topical creams or lotions can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Nonsurgical procedures like Renuvion are the most effective way to achieve a more toned appearance.

When should I get skin tightening?

Renuvion is an excellent option for people who want to improve their appearance without invasive surgery or downtime. Ideal candidates are near their goal weight since future weight loss could cause the skin to appear loose again.

The best time to get skin tightening depends on the severity of your issues and the desired results. Dr. Demaree recommends Renuvion for mild to moderate cases of loose skin. Severe hanging or excess skin may require more extensive treatment.

Even though Renuvion is nonsurgical, a short recovery period is still necessary. Patients in Altoona, WI should plan their procedure at least two weeks before any major events or vacations to ensure proper healing.

How does Renuvion work?

Premier Surgical Arts begins Renuvion by numbing the skin and underlying tissue with a local anesthetic. Dr. Demaree then inserts a tiny device through a small incision to deliver targeted energy to the deeper layers. The device is moved back and forth while emitting radiofrequency energy, helium, and cool plasma. Treatment is completed within 30 – 90 minutes based on the size of the affected area.

What do results look like after Renuvion?

Most patients can expect to see results within a few weeks of treatment. Renuvion tightens the skin to minimize problem areas, creating a more contoured profile. Renuvion can tighten skin on the neck and jawline, as well as the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs. Our patients report feeling confident and happy with their outcomes.

Like any cosmetic procedure, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to maintain your youthful appearance. Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly keeps your skin toned and firm long-term. Sunscreen is also critical for preventing sun damage that can lead to wrinkles.

No more excess skin

Loose skin does not have to interfere with your appearance or quality of life. Renuvion skin tightening is a safe, nonsurgical treatment that can improve your profile without an invasive procedure. Learn about this process or schedule an appointment at Premier Surgical Arts to see how board-certified general surgeon Dr. Dax Demaree can help you reach your cosmetic goals. Our Altoona, WI team understands the desire for a youthful look and is dedicated to helping you achieve great results.

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