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What Is A Thigh Lift?

Losing weight is a great triumph for anyone. But men and women who reach their ideal weight may require one additional step to complete their body transformation. Based on how long you had extra weight and how much of that weight you lost, excess skin can be an added issue if the skin wasn't able to shrink to the new size and shape of your body. The thighs are particularly an area of concern for a lot of people. At Premier Surgical Arts, Dr. Demaree offers surgical thigh lifts (known as thighplasty), which trims away extra skin on the inner and outer thighs to produce a more contoured, tighter look. Thighplasty surgery has risen in popularity because it offers natural-looking results for patients fighting sagging skin on the thighs.

What to Expect from A Thigh Lift

Thighplasty takes an average of 2 – 3 hours to perform. We will monitor your recovery once the surgery is over before we release you to begin your recuperation at home. There is typically swelling, discomfort, and bruising during the first few days of recovery. In several days, most patients are up and slowly walk around, which is important for better blood circulation and healthy healing. The total recovery period typically lasts around 6 – 8 weeks. Our team will provide at-home wound care instructions to promote the proper healing of your surgical incision. Although patients will have some scarring, the improved contour and shape of your thighs will help you raise your self-esteem, and you can reveal your legs with pride.

Get Tighter, Toned Thighs

If you have loose skin on your inner or outer thighs that creates anxiety or embarrassment, we invite you to call Premier Surgical Arts in Altoona, WI to find out more about thighplasty. It is typical for patients to combine a thigh lift procedure with other contouring surgeries, particularly procedures that treat nearby areas, such as abdominoplasty or a lower body lift, based on their specific needs. Schedule your appointment with a staff member, and get the tighter look you want.


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