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What Is Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

During our youth, we enjoy a rich reserve of natural nutrients, which helps to make our skin supple and youthful. Over time, this essential storage of nutrients will most likely decrease, making these tissues lose firmness. This leads to fine lines and sagging skin. If you would like to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your complexion without cosmetic surgery, then you may consider nonsurgical skin tightening at Premier Surgical Arts. With the application of Renuvion® technology, this nonsurgical skin tightening device works to contract and tighten up the lower layers of your skin so it's possible to obtain more taut, glowing skin. Renuvion can be used to tighten the skin on the neck and jawline, as well as the arms, abdomen, and thighs. Dr. Demaree and his team are happy to perform nonsurgical skin tightening for men and women who want to rejuvenate and smooth their skin with long-lasting nonsurgical procedures.

What Are the Benefits of Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

Nonsurgical skin tightening performed at Premier Surgical Arts in Altoona, WI is a safe and effective method to boost skin health and firm up wrinkled and creased regions. Benefits of this treatment using the Renuvion platform include :

  • Minimizing wrinkles and lines
  • Lifting sagging skin
  • Activating the production of collagen and elastin
  • Obtaining a rejuvenated appearance
  • Multiple body areas can be targeted
  • Treatments are quick and simple
  • No downtime, recovery period, or scarring
  • Results look and feel natural and may be long-lasting

Am I A Candidate For Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

Nonsurgical skin tightening may be a great treatment if you are not well-suited for certain aesthetic surgeries. This innovative treatment can be carried out for numerous areas of the face and body, including the abs, neck, outer thighs, and upper arms. The most fitting patients for this treatment :

  • Maintain a sustainable weight
  • Have loose skin throughout their face or body
  • Experience mild or moderate skin sagging
  • Are in good general health
  • Wish to add subtle enhancements to the condition and appearance of their complexion

How Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Works

When you come to Premier Surgical Arts for your session, we'll begin by thoroughly cleansing the necessary areas. A local anesthetic will be utilized in the area being treated. With Renuvion technology, two small incisions are made under the skin in which small cannulas are passed through in order to deliver energy. The device is moved back and forth in the area while emitting radiofrequency, helium, and cool plasma. A session may take around 30 – 90 minutes based on the size and number of areas treated. Once the session is over, Dr. Demaree will provide the necessary aftercare instructions, including if compression garments are necessary.

What Can I Expect After Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

Following your session, the targeted skin could look red or inflamed, and the skin may feel uncomfortable. However, any irritation will likely diminish in the coming days. At your initial session at Premier Surgical Arts, we will discuss the best techniques to treat your skin after your procedure. As you recover, it's essential to moisturize and apply sunscreen. Most patients won’t see results immediately following their nonsurgical skin tightening session. Since elastin and collagen production takes time, you will see your ideal outcomes in a few months. Results following skin tightening tend to remain in place for at least a year.

Smoother without Surgery

If you're striving to reduce lax skin, set up a visit with a member of our team in Altoona, WI to learn more about nonsurgical skin tightening, a great nonsurgical procedure that requires a very little recovery period. This procedure is effective to address droopy skin to give you a healthier, youthful look. If you've had the initial signs of skin sagging, we encourage you to contact Premier Surgical Arts so we can design your custom procedure program for nonsurgical skin firming.

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Nonsurgical skin tightening uses RF technology to stimulate collagen growth and rejuvenate the skin with minimal downtime and lasting results.

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Premier Surgical Arts features revolutionary skin tightening that rejuvenates and smooths the skin with a long-lasting nonsurgical procedure.

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Make Glowing Skin a Reality with Nonsurgical Skin Tightening

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Nonsurgical Skin Tightening FAQs

The best technique for you will vary based on your needs, goals, level of skin laxity, which areas of your face are being addressed, and other factors. To produce the results you want, Dr. Demaree will go over the different surgical techniques during your consultation. He will then help you choose which technique is best for you.

Yes, absolutely. Nonsurgical skin tightening can be done in isolation or to complement additional treatments. Many patients opt to get nonsurgical skin tightening alongside other minimally invasive or noninvasive treatments. Be open with Dr. Demaree about your concerns and goals so he can develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve the look you want.

At Premier Surgical Arts, our priority is always to ensure you feel comfortable for the duration of your treatment. Before he begins, Dr. Demaree with numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic so you will not feel any discomfort. After you're done, during recovery, there may be minor discomfort and swelling that typically subsides after a week. Dr. Demaree may prescribe medications to help reduce swelling and discomfort. Please feel free to ask questions of Dr. Demaree and share your concerns during your consultation.

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