Which incision is best for my surgery?

Incision patterns for breast surgery have come a long way in recent years, with techniques being developed to help reduce the visibility of scars. The surgical incision that is best for you will be chosen based on the type of implants and severity of breast sag. If you have moderate to severe breast sag, an anchor-shaped incision is usually best. When creating your surgical plan, Dr. Demaree will explain incision options and which is best for your needs. Regardless of the method used, Dr. Demaree will make careful incisions so your results look natural.

Will a breast augmentation with a lift correct sagging?

The benefit of breast surgery that combines augmentation with a lift is that it improves the size of your breasts while also addressing sag by removing loose skin. The lift portion of your surgery will also adjust your natural breast tissue so the results are perky and firm. This is crucial since augmenting breasts with even mild sagging can lead to a less than ideal outcome if a breast lift is not performed to address the sag. To address sagging, a lift should be performed and then implants or a fat transfer can be added. During your initial consultation with Dr. Demaree, he will listen to understand your concerns and goals before performing a physical exam of your chest. After this, Dr. Demaree can give you his opinion on whether you should get a lift, implants, or a combination of both.

How much does breast augmentation with a lift cost?

Your costs for a breast augmentation with a lift will vary depending on many factors, including whether your augmentation is performed with implants (silicone or saline) or a fat transfer. Additionally, some lift procedures have more complexity depending on the surgical case. In your initial consultation, Dr. Demaree will develop a personalized treatment plan with cost estimates. Premier Surgical Arts takes many payment methods, including low-interest financing.