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What Is A Fat Transfer?

When a man or woman has weight fluctuations, they lose that smooth and plump look in specific body parts where volume once resided. A terrific way to restore this lost volume is through an advanced cosmetic technique known as a fat transfer. This process removes fat from an area on the body and transfers it into a specific place that needs additional volume. A fat transfer can be used on widespread areas, such as the buttocks, or on delicate areas, such as the lips and cheeks. Fat grafting and transfers are often chosen when an individual desires a natural enhancement versus having fillers or implants. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Demaree incorporates the most effective liposuction and grafting methods for performing fat transfers. This procedure at Premier Surgical Arts creates natural-looking, appealing outcomes.

What Are The Benefits Of Fat Transfer?

Fat transfers offer many exceptional benefits to enhance and refresh your look as an alternative to traditional dermal fillers. The advantages fat transfer patients in Altoona, WI may experience at Premier Surgical Arts are:

  • Less invasive than other cosmetic surgery
  • Safer in comparison with implants given that it incorporates the body’s own fat tissue
  • Augments targeted body regions (cheeks, lips, buttocks, breasts)
  • Brings out natural curves
  • Removes unwanted fat in bothersome regions (back, thighs, abdomen, and more)
  • Restores lost volume for a younger appearance (hands, face)
  • Little chance of scarring
  • Offers a more natural solution
  • Results have a natural feel and look
  • Remodels and contours the body
  • Quicker recovery time

How Does A Fat Transfer Work?

During a fat transfer, you will be placed under the appropriate kind of anesthesia. The exact type of anesthesia or numbing method will be based on how much fat tissue is being extracted, including the area where it will be reinstated. A form of liposuction is completed via a small, specialized cannula to carefully remove the fat so it can be harvested and separated inside a centrifuge (which prepares the highest quality fat for syringes). After prepping the injection site, the healthy fat tissue will be added to the area chosen for the transfer. This injection is completed in layers until the desired outcome has been attained. For certain body parts, multiple injections will be necessary.

Take A Natural Approach

If you desire fuller lips or want to fill in hollow areas or lines, this procedure may be a great option. In addition, a fat transfer is an outstanding option for the body, such as the breasts. This treatment offers many choices for cosmetic enhancement. This procedure can help adults in the Altoona area achieve the look they want without undergoing major surgery that might require a long recovery. We welcome you to contact our front desk team to make your appointment at Premier Surgical Arts in Altoona, WI.


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